The War of Chimeras


About the project

A story of war, love and death that was documented by the immediate participants in the events.

Off screen and later, there are two of them – a boy and a girl. He volunteered for the front; she went there just after the battle. He got into the cauldron of Ilovaysk, and lost his closest brother-soldiers. She, while travelling through the ruined towns, strives to understand the essence of war and love. Both tell each other openly about their feelings during the war, escaping the cauldron, their common trip to the frontline,and then try to live together afterwards.


Anastasia Starozhytska, Maria Starozhytska, directors
Valeriy Lavrenov, Yuri Bedenko, operators
Mykola Bazarkin, editor
Vasyl Gudz, sound


«МашКіно», Kyiv 04060, Oleny Teligi str. 25 B, apt 32, Starozhytska Maria, Tel.: +380 67 231 54 63,